Datafeed Dropship Plan

With our Dropship Datafeed Plan you will get immediate access to all our dropship content information. Our datafeed files are updated daily. You can use our files to mport our products to any other website.

Download up to 500,000 dropship products data in a text file. Upload our products to any other website such as amazon, or even your very own website.

Our feeds are updated daily and are fully compatible with microsoft excel. Perhaps you already have an online website and you need more products for your store? This package will provide you with text files that you can use to easily upload all our products to your existing website OR to any third party website such as amazon,, turbolister, etc.

The dropship datafeed plan will provide you with simple text tab delimited files that you can easily read with Microsoft Excel.

We apply daily updates to the datafeed files so you are sure to get up to date product content information.


You can upgrade your plan at anytime to include any of the other plans listed on the home page of this website.

Dropship Features

  Download up to 500,000 dropship wholesale products with our CSV files
  Access to new products added monthly
  Products dropshipped directly to your buyers
  Pay ONLY after you sold a product and collected the money from your buyer
  Live order tracking
  No minimum orders
  We ship orders for you hassle free
  We handle returns and canceled orders for you
  No monthly fee
  Immediate access to all download files in a text format
  Files are updated daily updates for up to date product information
  Download all Active products
  Download all Out Of Stock products
  Download all Discontinued products

How does the Datafeed Dropship Plan work?

  Login to your datafeed account and download our datafeed files (compatible with Excel)
  Import the files to your own website or to any other marketplace website
  You collect the payment from the buyer
  Login to your datafeed account and place the order for the item you sold

Congratulation, you just made a sale!
Your buyer will receive his merchandise within 5 to 10 business days

What is included in the datafeed files?

Each datafeed will include the following information for ALL OUR PRODUCT:

  product id
  product name
  product description
  product price
  full URL path to the product images
  full URL path to the detail page of each product
  qty in stock
  Shipping price
  Possible shipping destinations
  Shipping courrier (UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc)
  UPC code (when available)

We will also inlude out of stock lists and discontinued lists. This package also works well for those that want to sell on, and any other marketing chanel of your choice.

We will provide you with daily updates of ALL our product feeds with up to date qty in stock. Our data feed files are in plain TEXT format so they are compatible with every system that can read a tab delimited text file.

You will receive an email with your login credentials IMMEDIATELY following your purchase.

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